Membership DOES Have It's Privileges

Increased Credibility

Customers feel assured that Members are reputable businesses that are involved in putting Booneville & Magazine FIRST.

Exclusive Referrals

The BDC/Chamber receives several requests per month, from businesses and individuals, on where to find a particular service. When the BDC/Chamber receives such a request, Members are referred first.

Membership Sticker / Plaque

Show the community that you take an active interest in putting Booneville and Magazine FIRST.

Business Card & Brochure Displays

The BDC/Chamber offers space for Members to display business cards and brochures at no charge.

Product & Service Displays

NEW FOR 2013
The lobby of the BDC/Chamber is available for product & service display for Members. Term of display depends on the demand for display space and other events that are ongoing.

Promotional Items

Members can use BDC/Chamber events to distribute promotional items or coupons at events or to individuals seeking information on the area.

Chamber Academy

NEW FOR 2013
Educational, professional development or informational events designed specifically for businesses. Members will have free or reduced fee access to these events. Other businesses will pay full-price fees.

Members FIRST

NEW FOR 2013
The BDC/Chamber wants to encourage Members to offer products, services, coupons, rewards and/or discounts to other Members. Members establish a purchase incentive or service of their choice, which is then extended to all Members presenting a valid Reward Tag. This Reward Tag is available to all current Members, to encourage shopping Members FIRST. Every Member is encouraged to develop some kind of Members FIRST incentive to take part in the program.

Basic Office Services

NEW FOR 2013
Members have access to basic office services, such as faxes, copies, color printing, scanning, pdf converting, laminating, image services, etc. for little or no charge.

Basic Meeting Space

NEW FOR 2013
The BDC/Chamber has a meeting room that can be utilized by Members for meetings up to 10 individuals (depending on layout) at no charge. Use of the room is limited by ongoing Chamber events and is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Notary Public Service

NEW FOR 2013
Basic Notary Public services are available FREE to our Members. Limit 10 per member per year

Businesses / Organizations of the Month

NEW FOR 2013
Each month, the BDC/Chamber will randomly select 4 business and/or non-profit Members to highlight on the website, the BDC/Chamber Facebook page, Twitter and Community Link.

New Member Highlites

NEW FOR 2013
New business & non-profit Members will be highlighted on the website and Facebook page, as well as 90 days of free advertisement on Community Link.


NEW FOR 2013
As a part of the FIRST program, Members will receive monthly e-mail newsletters, as well as additional news notices as needed.

Free Member News / Promotion

NEW FOR 2013
Members may share news, events, promotions, etc. with other Members by letting the BDC/Chamber know. We want to help you celebrate your successes.

Co-op Newspaper Ads

During the year, the BDC/Chamber will advertise certain events in the Booneville Democrat. Business & non-profit Members will have a chance to co-op on these ads at a discount.

Web Business Listing

Business & non-profit Members will have a listing on the website.

Community Link / Video Program Sponsorship

The BDC/Chamber produces videos for Community Link and DVD copies of community and school events from the area. Members have the chance to sponsor these videos at a 20% discount. And, Members are given first choice on sponsorship ads before any other businesses are approached.

Property Listings

NEW FOR 2013
Members can have their business properties that are available for lease or rent listed on the website with a complete, printable spec sheet.


NEW FOR 2013
The BDC/Chamber understands the difficult economic times we have been facing and continue to face, as individuals, businesses and as a community. We want to help our community prosper, build community resources and save you money. The M4M incentive allows for a current Member to earn membership credits each year, up to your annual membership dues, just for referring New Members.

Each Member who refers a New Member to the BDC/Chamber will receive a credit on their annual dues (up to the total amount of their annual dues) of up to 25% of the NEW MEMBER’s dues.

If the REFERRING MEMBER so wishes, the membership credit can be given to the NEW MEMBER, to assist them in joining the BDC/Chamber while reducing their expenses.

The M4M credit can only be utilized if the New Member lists the Referring Member on the Membership Application.

Web Sponsorships

NEW FOR 2013
The BDC/Chamber is offering sponsorships on the website. Members have the chance to sponsor a page or a group of pages at a 20% discount. And, Members are given first choice on sponsorship before any other businesses are approached.

Event Sponsorships

The BDC/Chamber is offering sponsorships for our various events that are held throughout the year. Members have the chance to sponsor an event or a portion of an event at a 20% discount. And, Members are given first choice on sponsorship before any other businesses are approached.

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